Bio - Beth Melewski

Beth has a keen ability to meet people wherever they are on their journey to help them neutralize the unknown. Her presence is warm, compassionate, and grounded. Her communication style is the best blend of candor and kindness, as she can cut to the chase without cutting people off. She has truly turned listening into an art form. Also, Beth's previous career in theatre has informed her inclusive worldview and her well of empathy runs deep.

Robyn L Scott, Founder of The Larapyn Group, LLC
  • Encourages a sense of play and creativity throughout each client’s healing process
  • Views collaboration as an integral part of the therapeutic journey
  • Leads with her warmth to put clients at ease
  • Skilled at challenging clients while meeting them where they are
  • Creates a grounded space for people to share safely
Beth Melewski
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Master's Graduate Clinical Intern

Gaining clarity about the past helps us connect with our most authentic selves in the present.

Beth sees herself as a fellow traveler to clients as they move through their therapeutic journey. She builds a trusting rapport with each client and supports them throughout their process. Beth embodies the core values of curiosity, humor, and openness — creating a sense of warmth that empowers people to see their truth.

Working from a person-centered approach, Beth uses Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness skills, and creative methods to help people reach their goals. Having navigated a big career change herself, she is attuned to people who need to process the complexities of life transitions, i.e.: the courage, the grief, and the joy. She is passionate about supporting women who choose to be child-free and she is interested in counseling people who struggle with intergenerational trauma and anxiety.

In her previous life Beth worked as a professional actor. She brings the skills she honed in that field to her current role in counseling by identifying core themes and uncovering patterns. She encourages her clients to use fun, artistic tools on their path to becoming their most integrated selves.

Outside of the office Beth likes to spend time with her husband and their sassy terrier, Lucy. Beth digs 80s games shows, finding a good bakery, and doing an improv show from time to time.

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