Esther Kim

"Esther is a great option to be the therapist you are looking for because she is incredibly kind, honest, and thoughtful. By choosing her to be your therapist, you will be challenged in a meaningful way that supports your mental well-being and progress."

Jenae D. Thompson, PhD, LCPC (IL)
  • Dedicated to affirming care that welcomes all aspects of a client’s identity, lived experience, and cultural context
  • LGBTQIA+, kink, non-monogamy, and poly affirming, sex-positive space
  • Existential, relational-cultural, and trauma-informed framework using ACT, narrative, mind-body-spirit, and somatic methods
  • Values mutual, co-creative building of trust and understanding
  • Passion areas include: identity/self-exploration, existential concerns, ancestral trauma & healing, sexuality, spirituality, cultural exploration, alt & expansive structures/spaces/identities
Esther Kim, MA, LPC
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Licensed Professional Counselor

“I view healing as a practice that shifts our focus away from ‘fixing’ and towards self-understanding and growth.”

Esther approaches therapy as a fellow human and collaborator who values connectedness as a healing tool to oneself, others, and the community. Building client relationships is central to her work, involving mutual trust, empathy, compassionate accountability, and at times, sharing a laugh. She honors the many layers of our identities and experiences through an intersectional lens that actively acknowledges cultural context and systemic factors.

Esther draws from existential, narrative, and ACT concepts within a relational-cultural and trauma-informed framework. She also uses mind-body-spirit and somatic methods to help clients tune into messages from their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She understands that honest introspection and self-compassion is necessary for healing, and communing with ourselves may give voices to parts that have long sat unheard and unseen. Additionally, Esther incorporates dream work and projective tools (symbols, imagery, cards) to assist self-reflection upon request. Although these approaches inform her practice, she centers ongoing collaboration to discover what works best for the client. Esther works with a broad range of experiences, including identity exploration, existential concerns, ancestral trauma and healing, and life transitions. She also enjoys supporting explorations of culture, sexuality, spirituality, kink, and alt and expansive structures, spaces, and identities.

Therapy looks and feels different for everyone, and the process is not always linear. Esther welcomes the ebbs and flows, supporting clients where they are at and adapting to their needs and personal processes. She believes everyone deserves to pursue joy, wholeness, and empowerment from a place of curiosity and non-judgment. In working together, she hopes clients will gain the insight and tools to navigate their unique path.

Esther’s interests include drawing, meditation, tarot, and befriending cats. She also has an art background and enjoys incorporating creative/expressive work with clients.

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