Now offering online therapy for Chicago & Illinois residents

Virtual Counseling in Chicago, IL: Online Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Work-life balance and prioritizing self-care are core values at Next Step Counseling. That's why we offer virtual therapy services specifically designed to provide easy and flexible support to individuals and couples in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our secure online therapy platform offers a convenient, reliable, and confidential space where you can prioritize your self-care needs.

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing unwavering support every step of the way on your journey towards living your best life. Our EXPERTISE lies in guiding individuals through LIFE'S TOUGHEST TRANSITIONS.

As a boutique multi-specialty group practice, we take pride in our diverse team of counselors who specialize in relationship and life transitions. Each of our counselors possesses expertise in various areas, ensuring that we can meet your unique needs and provide the support you require on your personal path of growth and transformation.

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We’re well-trained, warm, and thoughtful clinicians who thoroughly enjoy getting to know our clients. Our therapy is based on working with you in a collaborative, holistic, genuine and productive manner.” Ilene Kastel, CEO

Ilene Kastel, M.A., LCPCNext Step Founder
We make it easy

How it works

Your therapist and you will meet virtually at the same time, without distraction, and interact in real-time on a secure and confidential video platform. Clients have found virtual sessions to be incredibly easy, user friendly and a great alternative! Your clinician will send you a link and you’ll log-in at your session time.




Flexibility in scheduling and saves time from commuting to and from appointments

Live Video

Our video platform is easy to use and works on all devices: phone, laptop, tablet and computer

Save time

Saves money on child care, CTA, parking or late cancellation fees.


Convenient and aids in not missing appts due last min hiccups like inclement weather, car difficulties, work travel, etc. It can be difficult to wait days or weeks until your next appointment.

Get Comfortable

Potentially feeling more comfortable in a familiar setting, enhancing vulnerability and disclosure


Eliminates fears of running into known others in waiting area of therapy office

Insurance coverage for Telehealth

Most Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care insurance plans cover synchronous telehealth services and we can check your benefits for you. During Covid-19, please allow extra time for benefit checks. You can also check with your HR department or call your insurance to get mental health and telehealth benefit coverage information. We also accept self-pay clients for online therapy.

Acceptions for Online Therapy:

There are a few exceptions when virtual therapy or our practice may not be best fit. It’s important to us that you receive the best care possible! We will work with you to find referrals if you’re struggling with the following:

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