Conquer Corporate Grief with our Workplace Grief Consultants

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Employee Morale
The mental health environment and culture at your workplace
Decrease employee absenteeism and lower turnover rates
Improve employee performance leading to productivity gains
Making Your Workplace Safe for Grief

What our Grief Consultants offer?

As leading workplace bereavement consultants, we care for your Corporate Wellness. We offer first-class hospitality and provide individualized attention and quality care based on your leader’s, team’s, and company’s needs.
Our services include short-term workplace grieving support so your team may navigate this challenging transition efficiently. Likewise, you’ll see improved coworker relationships and workplace dynamics that will result in enhanced office happiness, increased productivity, and improved culture.
Although we have the following successful plans that our clients vouch for, we extend customized workshops and heart-to-heart sessions for your employees to overcome workplace grief effectively.

Conquer Corporate Grief with our Workplace Grief Consultants

Bereavement in the office can make your team feel confused and lost. The harsh realities of workplace grief affect employees’ wellness denouncing a healthy work ambiance. No one navigates loss perfectly, but your company can provide improved bereavement support for grief in the workplace with our Grief Consultants to provide support, education, and direction. You need a plan and someone to help you navigate this difficult time. We care for your well-being and expertly guide you to a healthy, productive tomorrow while helping you process workplace grief and loss. 

Mourning the passing of a colleague is natural, but channeling it properly in a way that doesn’t affect corporate wellness should be your goal as a team leader. As mourning is quite a personal experience, it’s challenging for companies to develop a set of practices and policies. In addition to the lack of a formal framework for personnel to deal with this shift, managers aren’t qualified to offer this kind of support and those new to sorrow may not have a framework for loss. If your organization doesn’t adjust to workplace bereavement to create room for healthy grieving, there’s an acute chance that turnover may increase and productivity will decline.

Our Workplace Grief Consultants offer 3 A La Carte Options.

Open Office Hours

This is a personalized, prompt response to a loss, and it caters to the most affected employees only. A one-time, one-on-one debriefing for individuals directly affected by the loss at work to process the incident and consider the short- and long-term effects. The office hours are customized to your needs. Your staff can use this consulting time for immediate debriefing as we arrive. In-person & virtual options.

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Educational Workshop

This one-time workshop lasts for 90 fruitful minutes. It caters to understanding grief, learning coping mechanisms, comprehending the effects on the workplace, and knowing how to adjust during. Our workplace wellness consultants ensure each participant recognizes the importance of healthy grieving and workplace wellness and is ready to contribute to it. In-person & virtual options.

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6 Week Support Group

A weekly hour-long support group that lasts for six weeks. This white glove service provides the most individualized assistance. Based on the specifics of your culture and the loss, a custom-curated group will be developed. These small groups with only 5 to 10 employees each provide support and instruction over a long period. It enables the incident to be processed and supported via both short- and long-term effects during debriefing. In-person & virtual options.

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