Equality & Anti-Racism
To our Black, Indigenous, & People of Color family, friends, clients, community members and fellow humans:

We see you. We see your pain, anger, and outrage. We recognize that as non-BIPOC, we cannot begin to understand decades of continued systemic racism and oppression that you, your loved ones and all BIPOC face. We hear you asking for and needing action.

Dignity, Compassion and Respect

We’re committed to creating a safe space where equitable mental health services are provided.

Next Step Counseling stands in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We stand in solidarity with Black lives, not just now, but always.

As a values-driven organization Connection, Inclusion and Community are part of our values as a team and for our clients. We honor the importance of interconnection and strive to build a sense of inclusivity, safety, and trust within NSC for our clients and for the team.

We believe in and are committed to continuing to create a safe space where equitable mental health services are provided to all without discrimination against age, citizenship, color, cultural background, disability status, domestic partnership or marital status, education, ethnicity, gender expression or identity, national origin, neurodiversity, race, relationship status, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. All clients and employees will be treated with dignity, compassion and respect as an individual.

We understand and recognize white privilege, inequity and systemic trauma is embedded in our city and nation.

Our commitment to you:


We will continue to deepen our awareness and build a better future as we create space for your stories to be heard and healing to happen.

We will continue to recognize and understand our own privilege, culture and intersecting identities and how it influences our individual relationships with our clients.

We will be thoughtful in our work with you, honoring your identity, history, marginalized experiences, systematic oppression and support you through culturally sensitive and multicultural therapeutic and trauma informed lens.

We will continue our education as well as unlearning through professional consultation and trainings on anti-racism.

We will support advocacy campaigns and donations to charitable drives in support of organizations working toward racial equality, social justice & systemic change.

We commit to not just doing the self-growth work ourselves but working to provide education and understanding to our families, friends and extended networks.

We have sliding scale openings (aka: reduced rates for those that cannot pay the full service fee) and aim to utilize these for BIPOC clients. We strongly encourage BIPOC to apply for positions at NSC.

Decolonizing therapy training has been added to our onboarding procedures for all new hires. We integrate a multicultural lens into our clinical work.

We will continue to strive to increase the diversity of our team and the clients we serve creating a safe and welcome place for all.

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Common Questions

Do you accept insurance?

We are in network with the following insurance carriers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice Advantage
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice Preferred
  • United Behavioral Health, aka United Health Care
  • Optum Veterans Affairs Community Care Network

However, if you have a carrier that we don’t accept we can still work together! Using your out of network benefits, many insurance companies will provide you with 20% to 80% reimbursement for sessions. We provide you with an invoice, you send it into your insurance company and they mail you a check. If you’d like to know what your out of network benefits are call the number on the back of your card and ask, “What are my out of network benefits for mental health counseling?” Please contact us to provide you with additional information about this.

Is there parking available at your office?

All el lines are within 1-2 blocks, and, there are two parking garages nearby at 60 E. Lake St. and 20 E. Randolph.

I tried therapy and didn't like it. How's this different?

Therapy varies depending on the personalities of the counselor and client, as well as the particular concerns brought forward. Sometimes the chemistry between the counselor and client or the counselor’s style or approach just isn’t a good fit. The relationship between the client and the therapist is of utmost importance. Therefore, we work to create a safe environment where open and honest communication is encouraged so that concerns or questions about treatment or the relationship can be addressed in session. This often benefits the therapeutic process and deepens the therapeutic relationship.

What can I expect from the first few sessions?

During the first and second session, we will gather information about what has brought you into therapy including your concerns, what you’d like to work on and information about your current and past emotional health and life history. This information helps us gain a deeper understanding about your situation, you as a person and how to best help you. As noted earlier, since it is important that clients feel comfortable with their counseling, we encourage clients to also use the first session as an opportunity to assess if this is a good fit for you as well.

What can I expect during a typical therapy session?

During therapy you will begin to discuss and share your feelings, thoughts, and reactions in order for you to begin to gain insight, develop new thinking patters, coping skills and overall improved quality of life. It is natural to feel uncomfortable about opening up at first but this process because much easier after a few sessions. Since self-growth is possible through commitment and work I will encourage you to practice the things you discuss and learn outside of session.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

The number of sessions needed is different for everyone depending on a number of factors including but not limited to your goals, severity or intensity of your concerns or symptoms, how long you’ve been dealing with your concerns, current levels of stress, and the progress you make towards reaching your short or long-term goals.

Is what I say in therapy confidential?

In general, all communications between a client and counselor are confidential and can only be released with the client’s written permission. However, there are some exceptions required by law to this rule. Exceptions include:

  • When there is a reasonable suspicion of child/dependent abuse or of an elder adult.
  • When the client communicates a threat of bodily injury to others.
  • When the client is suicidal.
  • When disclosure is required pursuant to a legal proceeding.
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